Religion Intro

While the Gospel Of Jesus Christ can survive without the US Constitution, but I doubt that the US Constitution can survive without the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. 

My goal for this section is to openly discuss things that cause problems or raise questions within the Christian community. 
So this is written for people who claim to love the New Testament. Others can peek in if they want, but I'm writing specifically to professing Christians. 

Ideally, America should be a place of religious safety for all faiths willing to live peaceably with all others. 
So then, what tenor should an elected official carry toward religion & government? 

The Constitution says that the government shall not establish a religion. That is open to many interpretations as to the role that religion and religious people play in government. Even so, if the job of the government is to promote the general welfare of the country’s inhabitants, what responsibility does a government have toward its people in regards to their eternal destinies, such as The Judgment Day? 

Let me explain my situation: I am a follower of Jesus Christ; a born-again Christian. Though I currently attend a Baptist church, I am Pentecostal in belief. I attended a Lutheran Church for a few months while they were celebrating the 500th anniversary of the 95 Theses. Luther inspires me. Luther is one reason this website exists. So, in this section, I will discuss the Christianity I see today, versus the Church of the New Testament. 

What entitles me to speak? (Other than the 1st Amendment?) 

45 years of hearing weekly teachings by pastors and others in protestant churches. 
About 30 hours of college-level Bible courses. 
Five years of teaching Sunday School to 4th graders 
Have intentionally read the Bible cover to cover 3 times, besides many topical studies. Have read the New Testament through more times than that. 
Have copied the New Testament word-for-word on my computer. Typed it out, not cut-and-paste. 

Understand that I am not ordained in any form or fashion. I doubt that any denomination would ordain me, nor would any church hire me as a pastor once they have read this website. 
Nor should anyone imagine me as more than I am; a layman and repentant sinner, saved only by God’s grace,
relying on the New Testament as my tangible source of God’s will. 
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