Donald Trump

What about pro-life Christians that are afraid to vote because Donald Trump isn’t the flawless Incarnation of the Holy Ghost? 

Moses killed a man in Egypt, then later scribed The 10 Commandments. 
Samson had problems with Delilah, then pulled down an fully-occupied pagan temple. 
Paul, once named Saul, sought out Christians to have them killed. 

Though today’s church-folk love to read Paul's epistles in home bible study groups, 
for a time, the first century church wanted nothing to do with Paul after God knocked him off his donkey on the road to Damascus.  
Many 1st-century Chrisians treated Paul in the same way many 21st-century Christians treated Donald Trump in November 2016, 
and they were just as wrong.

In a US election, what matters is the continuance of the US Constitution with an eye toward the Christian principles that built our imperfect, 
yet better than any other nation. 
I believe Donald Trump is doing that very well, and is a far stronger President than any of the alternatives could have or would have been.

And, let me remind you about King David, son of Jesse. He was not allowed to build thee Temple, because 'he was aa bloody man'.
Yet he did the work necessary to make the Temple possible, and The Old testament said that David 'had a heart after God'.

The 2016 Election

I believe that aborted babies that weren't allowed to live to grow up and vote, cost HRC the 2016 election.
Yet if they had been allowed to be born, their mothers wouldn't have voted for an abortion-loving candidate like HRC,
because the mothers would have been pro-life, like the old, old Democratic party used to be.

Eric J. Rose
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