Actually, this article isn’t about respect, it’s about gratitude. 
The ability to feel gratitude and the ability to earn gratitude. 
Feel misled? Don’t. 

Respect requires gratitude. 
Anyone who can’t feel gratitude can’t feel respect. 
And anyone who can’t earn gratitude doesn’t deserve respect. Yet some earn it, but never receive it. 

I pity arrogant people, blind souls that they are, 
and anyone connected to them; especially the spouse and children. 

 We are all given many things throughout our lives that are completely unearned and unpaid for. 
What if you had to earn the oxygen you breathe? 
I didn’t say pay for it; I said earn it, by a life of service to others. 
Would you be alive today? 

 When we see a spouse as a gift, then we can feel gratitude. 
And when we are grateful for them, we can be grateful TO them, then respect will grow and blossom. 
Personal respect for someone is actually a form of gratitude toward them. 

Husbands often do things for wives that wives don’t even notice. 
And wives do things for husbands that husbands don’t even notice. 
Perhaps each are too busy feeling slighted to notice. 

Do you feel any gratitude towards your spouse?

Eric J. Rose