Climate Change/Greta

Why are the people concerned about climate change also most often those who believe in abortion? 
IF, IF, IF climate-change were real, then it is just a planet-wide abortion. 
Doesn't the earth have the right to get rid of the humans that bother it?

If the planet kills us all,
then problem solved. 
Wars end. 
Abuse ends. 

Why are adults more important than unborn babies?
We're not.

Done... prepare to step into eternity.
Or are you scared of eternity?


Now, about Greta Thunberg.
She is a puppet-bully with a bully pulpit

I believe she was specifically chosen for her age and for her autism (if she has autism, as some claim) 
as a pushback by people using real science to challenge this latest climate crisis.

While I don't know all truth about all things, there is a vein of conversation in the free part of America 
that says the climate change issue was created to unite the world on one cause, to enable a One-World Government to be established.

I know that this ambition for a OWG is there, and I'm sure the EU system is a part of it.
And I know that Greta is a child puppet, a human shield.

When I was a teen in the 1970s,  I remember hearing news reports from Vietnam, how the Viet Cong would take cover in villages filled with women, children and men too old to fight. If US troops went in to get the VC, they were called baby-killers. This is what's happening with Greta, she's nearly bulletproof

I see through this ruse, and you should too, if you claim to be smarter than I.


Carbon and Immigration

If carbon footprints and CO2 emmisions are a bad thing, then why would anyone encourage immigration from warmer countries to cooler countries.
Cooler countries mostly rely on fossil fuels to warm people.
Shouldn't Latinos, Africans and Middle Easterners stay home in their warmer climates, to protect the planet?

And don't face masks intensify personal-CO2 concentrations?