Healthcare Alert

 Legalized abortion has created mental health repercussions. 

Consider the children of serial killers. These people have their own special troubles. BTK is a serial killer. His daughter, Kerri Rawson, has written a book about her life. But she is not unique. Imagine what it is like to have a mother that legally killed your siblings and then brags about it?
These surviving children must wonder how they missed an appointment with the knife. 

Perhaps this isn’t a new type of mental illness, but a strain of Stockholm Syndrome. 
Imagine being the child of such a woman and being expected to love your mother, even though she killed your siblings. 
But how does someone love a person that can't be trusted with a baby? 

Abortion is the only situation where a surviving sibling is expected to love their sibling's killer. Imagine any particular daughter of an abortion leader and wonder what it is like to be her miserable-self. Every living child of an abortant parent is a survivor of abortion. 
These survivors should look around the table at holidays and family reunions and imagine how many more siblings there should be there. 
Any public statements made by the daughter of a pro-abortion female should be weighed very carefully, 
 considering the emotionally instablity in which she was raised. 

Here a few organizations that deal with the problems of the siblings of aborted babies. 
Ironically, many of these organizations are church-related, and these same churches serve Holy Communion to its church members who vote the Congressional baby-killers into office. Look at the chart to see how many members of each religion/denomination are Democrats, the Party of Death. 

Why is this, this hypocrisy?   

Eric J. Rose