If a woman wants to repent of having an abortion, how does she find a safe church to repent at? 
A church where she won't be ridiculed?

Many churches have members that vote Democrat.
Many churches have members in Congress that vote for the death of the unborn.
Many churches campaign for abortion rights.
They don't care about the babies or about your eternal soul.

If you were a woman wanting to repent for abortion, how would you pick a safe church?
First, understand that true forgiveness also involves becoming born-again, because forgiveness and spiritual adoption must go hand-in-hand.

Call a nearby church and ask the following questions in this order:

Hello. As a church,
1) Do you believe in the Holy Trinity, that God is a three-part Being; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?
2) Do you believe that the New Testament is the surest guide to know God's will?
3) Do you believe that Salvation and forgiveness both come through the shed blood of the risen Christ?
4) Do you believe that abortion of an innocent child is intrinsically wrong?

If the answers are negative or hedging, hang up and try the next church.
If they won't say 'Yes' to the four questions, but say, "Come in, let's talk about it."         Hang up.

If they say yes, you may feel you want to ask for a woman to talk to about this issue. 
If they are really in the business of doing church, they will accommodate you, 
perhaps asking for contact info, so they can arrange a meeting with a woman they feel is right for your needs.
I once went attended the same church as a woman who openly admitted to six abortions, now forgiven and saved.

And you can be forgiven, and you may walk that path with a female Christian, as surely as with clergy.
It is God that forgives eternally, not the clergy or the person one prays with. The human is just the guide.

Reach out, sort them out. There are real churches eager to help you, and waiting to hear from you.

Eric J. Rose