I am a profound believer in the 2nd Amendment, for it supports the 1st Amendment. 

On the other side of the coin, 
says that from 1992-2001, 49% of youth suicides, ages 10-19 were accomplished with firearms. 

Logic tells us that these kids most likely used family-owned firearms. 

So, family firearm management is one of the few reasonable arguments in the current gun control debate. 
But, I speak for safe storage, not elimination of firearms.

@EndFamilyFire is an .org that focuses on this topic. 
While some of its adherents may privately have anti-2ndA ambitions, 
we should be able to agree that children deserve to live in houses where the carelessness of others does not kill them. 

To those with anti-2ndA ambitions, do you work to make the womb as safe as you want your home to be? 
If your womb isn't safe, your home isn't safe.