Hotel Colonoscopy

I have been told several times that I should have a colonoscopy. 

I avoid it. Now understand that with an enlarged prostate, I am not a stranger such intrusions. 
But the prep for the procedures scare me away, so I would like to propose a change to the procedure that would accommodate people like me. 

Hospitals in the North have a busy season, Thanksgiving to Easter is when patients with respiratory maladies fill the rooms. 
The off-season means empty rooms.
What if these were checked out like motels rooms for colonoscopy tests?

Patient checks in, 
  vitals taken to assure health, 
  given products to ingest, 
  otherwise left alone until next morning when the test is performed. 
Patient goes home. 

Monday-Thursday evenings, off-season from respiratory distress. 

Proctos could schedule their braver, home-prep patients during the respiratory season. 
The Colonoscopy Hotel takes care of the ‘what-ifs’. 
No real care expenses, just room cleaning, much lower cost than usual daily rate charges. 

That is probably the only way I’ll ever do it. 
Give it some thought. 
If I were a Procto, I would have a suite of rooms attached to my office building.