School Shootings

From what I’ve heard and read, it’s mostly marginalized kids that become school shooters. 
But shooters are almost always are marginalized at home before they are marginalized at school. 
Both boys and girls are marginalized, but girls cry or kill themselves instead of shooting others. 

Here is my offering:

Every school has both isolated kids and popular kids. 
Popular kids tends to be ‘joiners’. Let’s use this trait to invade the bubble of isolation that marginalizes kids. 

1) Each school has a hospitality team. 
2) Each member of the team is ‘on-duty’ one day a week, but never completely steps out of the role. 
3) The purpose is to identify, then engage, isolated students. 
4) Joining is voluntary, yet any student who wants to be in Honor Society, debate, on a sports or cheer team, etc. 
     must also volunteer in some manner for the engagement team.
     What good is it to be a leader if one’s leadership doesn’t improve the lives of hurting peers? 
5) Part of engagement is sharing social sites so mentors can see if a problem is brewing.
     Also to make sure these students are not being cyber-bullied.
     A Honor Society member, for example, can lose her position if caught cyber-bullying. 
6) Engagement guidelines include: 

   Boy mentors with boy clients, girl mentors with girl clients.
   Clients are quietly identified and their guidance is planned. Client privacy is sacred, no loose talking.  
   Every target-student is greeted at school when arriving in the morning. 
   No one sits alone at lunch (and no team-members cliquing-off at lunch on their duty-day) 
   Attempts made to recruit isolated students into school activities. 
   Tutoring services offered (some Isolated kids will wind up tutoring their engagement mentors)