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"Coronavirus can be deadly, but flu and pneumonia have killed over 1,000 in NJ this season." As of November 2, 2020, 

COVID has killed 6 people in Nebraska (4-2-2020), while the 2019-2020 flu season has killed 48 Nebraskans by 3-31-2020. 

This is a good lead-in for this blip in human history. 
People who used to march in the streets for the right to kill unwanted babies are now cowering at home, afraid of dying. 
The response for COVID is out of proportion with our historical approach to such infections, and the scene we are witnessing is mostly political machinations. 

But let me state, that concerning mortality counts, therte is a difference between dying OF COVID-19, and dying WITH COVID 19,
and I don't know if anyone is sorting it out ad reporting it accurately.

I worked briefly in a 250-bed hospital as an Operations Manager for the cleaning crew, so I might know a few things the average Joe or Josephine might not. 
In the process of digesting this article, please include another article on this website in your reading: 
Reading this will help you understand my perspective, which may seem cold-hearted to some, but is statistically correct. 
America loses 100K people each year to nosocomial infections, according to the CDC.

We are paying COVID-19 more attention than is practical or deserved. 
I’m about to say some thing that even other Christians will be angry for, but it is a medical truth and within God’s plan for humanity. 
COVID-19 takes the most infirm among us, as does flu, and respiratory diseases. 
While the Bible calls death ‘an enemy’, and the last enemy God will conquer, death is still a part of the cycle of human life. 
At best, people age, naturally wear out and gently expire; some quickly, some slowly. The process speeds up when infections are passed around. 
The people most likely to die from a virus are children under 2 and seniors over 70. 

We cannot expect everyone to live forever and we cannot expect all children to reach adulthood. 
My wife and I lost a baby to miscarriage in 1991. It couldn’t survive even in the womb. 
Some survive the womb, but can’t handle New York City. That’s the way life works and sometimes, that's the way life fails at times. 
When I worked in the hospital, when someone died, the staff would tape a rose to the door of the room while the deceased patient and family were still in the room. 
My saddest day in the hospital was when one day in the Labor and Delivery section, I came across a door with two white roses taped to the door. 

It is amazing how morally double-minded we are as a nation; we kill unwanted babies, text while driving, take drugs and have unprotected sex, and take selfies hanging from buildings, yet demand antidotes for every passing virus that wafts through our lives.
I also need to criticize evolutionists here. 
They talk about natural selection and survival of the fittest. 
Darwinists, this is your opportunity to submit to what you believe are the laws of nature. 
I'm disappointed at their hesitation to live out their philosophy and improve the human race.
Superior humans can handle COVID-19, eh?

And to the 99%ers, 
This panic is facilitating a major redistribution of wealth, and is taking it from the barely-working class in America,
ending mom-and-pop operations, setting the stage for foreign entities, in both Europe and Asia, to suck even more wealth out of America,
through public corporations that will have less competition from small business than they had before. 
This wealth, via the stock market, will be even more available to crooked members of Congress.

It is time to decide as a nation, Are we going to held hostage by this and every other virus that comes along, or take the inevitable, accelerated losses of some lives, and move on? We seem to have one or more options for a cure, so let’s take them and move on. 

Even with those losses, the American grocery store is still a safer place to be than many American wombs. 

Granted, there is a learning curve to dealing with a new virus; and politics. First, I question that this was a surprise to China, given the timing of the outbreak in relation to anti-leadership street protests, and the effectiveness of Donald Trump in his diplomatic successes. We regularly see far-east Asians (in America) hoarding masks so Americans can’t have them and intentionally contaminating items in stores. But even Nancy isn’t afraid, doing a meet-and-greet in Chinatown recently. So it must not be that bad, eh? 

Muslims around the world think this is a god-sent thing to punish non-muslims, and are slobbering on everything they think ‘infidels’ will touch, yet Iran’s older leaders seem to be dying off. 

And this topic is being used to exert control over the masses, from chipping people, to gun control, and even practicing how to lock people in their own homes. 

This life is not real life, real liberty, or the pursuit of real happiness. If this is our future, we might as well be as extinct as unborn babies. 
It is simply time to decide, as a nation, are we going to held by hostage by this and every other virus that comes along, or take the inevitable, accelerated losses of some lives, and move on? 

We seem to have a cure, so let’s take it and move on. 
Even with those losses, the American grocery store is still a safer place to be than many American wombs. 

More math: The flu season of 2019-2020 has already killed some of those that woud have succumbed to COVID-19. 
Likewise, this COVID-19 phase will kill some of the people that would would otherwise die in the 2020-2021 flu season.