I just turned 65. I’m surprised by how often I have been surprised lately. 

I’m surprised at how many people claiming to be Christians vote Democrat, and yet think Jesus doesn’t care about aborted babies. 

I’m frankly surprised at the Democrat’s unending quest to trip-up  Trump. 
Though I shouldn’t be surprised, with info being revealed at how many of them should be in prison, or worse, with the suspicious suicides we seen. 

I’m surprised at how many lies main-stream-media are willing to telling, that they have become mere talking heads for the deep state, 
lacking personal courage or self-initiative. 

My latest surprise is, how many police officers on several levels are willing to ignore the US Constitution to make their mayor or State Governor happy. 
Jails are turning all sorts of criminals loose while mothers are being arrested for taking their kids to the park. 
And the statistics don’t justify selfish politicians’ selfish misuse of COVID. 

And I won’t call it a crisis. It’s no more potent than the average flu, if that. 

So I’m sorry to have to use the term ‘COVID-cop’ to identify a certain type of police officer, but here we are. 
I’m reminded of the Nazi death camp guards, when on trial for war crimes, they said, “I was just following orders.” 

Eric J. Rose