COVID -19 and Arson

Funny; people that advocate for abortion are afraid of random death, and Darwinists are unwilling to test to their genetic mettle. 

Is it possible to connect COVID-19 and arson? Yes, it is. 
Every act of arson has a source of ignition; some arson cases also involve an acccelerant. There is a difference between the two. 
My goal is to complain about the accounting process involved with COVID-19, since it is often, if not mostly as accelerant and not a source of ignition.

 I took one year accounting classes to get my business degree, where I learned that it is commonplace to deceive others by using numbers. 
Many people blamed the Great Depression on President Herbert Hoover, because the crash happened less than a year into his first term. 
My accounting instructor however, taught that the Roaring 20s were roaring, with unprecedented stock growth, because publicly traded companies kept two sets of financial ledgers. One set of ledgers was the real thing that the company managers knew about. 
The other set of books, cooked up with financial fantasies, was the source of intentionally-flawed financial reports. 

When this was all revealed in the depths of the Depressions, GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) was established, growing out of The Financial Securities Act of 1933. More: 

Now, the point of this article is to stress the importance in how we report medical deaths. In arson, while accelerants matter, there can be no fire without a source of ignition and the structure intended to be burnt. 

Statistically, I believe we will find that COVID-19 is usually a medical accelerant, not a medical source of ignition, and COVID-19 is being politicized by Democrats to commandeer our Republic and to work ill toward us. Already terminally-ill people‘s cause of death should not be listed as COVID. 

A shirt-tail acquaintance of ours in Omaha died in cancer hospice. 
But because he also tested positive for COVID-19, he was listed as a COVID death. 
This is simply fraudulent. 

So, I expect if the Research and Reparation sector of the health community, including: St Jude’s American Heart Association Susan .G. Komen Foundation All medical research universities Legal firms that sue for death damages etc. … if they are going to accept this form of medical coding, they will need to acknowledge there is no longer a place for them in American medical culture, because COVID is to be considered the medical source of ignition in all disease-related deaths. Conversely, if a person with COVID cannot die without something else, (even gerontological) then it is never a medical source of ignition, eh? 

The issue here is proper medical coding. If we can’t discern the truth about the medical source of ignition in death, how can anything in medicine be right or fair? And if we weaponize and politicize medical coding, what kind of future can we expect as a nation?