COVID Oddities

Some side-thoughts about COVID-19

1) Perhaps this COVID-mislabeling trend was learned from the AIDS community, 
     where people don't die from AIDS, but from related illnesses that finallytake them, like pneumonia.

2) Many senior cirrizens in nursng homes are basically locked in their rooms, and many vote by remote ballot.
    So, how do they know that their ballot will get to where it is being sent.
    This is a very weak link in the voting system, especially in areas where most seniors are Rupublicans and because senior citizens have a high rate of voting.
    Recently, a nearby town had a tornado warning. How does this work when patients are not allowed out of their rooms, even wearing masks?

2) In 2017, California decriminalized the intentional infect of others of AIDS, by sex or by selling blood.
     In 2020, California cities are arresting people that go to the beach.

3) 'Source of ignition' and 'accelerant' are two very different factors in arson investigation.
     Medical coding with COVID-19 needs to be this particular.
     more at:

4) If landlords forgive some amount of rent, during Government-forced COVID home-imprisonment, 
     at the behest of the local government, will their property taxes be reduced accordingly?

If schools don't reopen, in the Fall 2020, will our peoperty taxes be reduced accordingly?

5) Are Democrats trying to bankrupt middle-class America,
    so they we will then adore the Democrats as saviors, and we all vote for the Democrats?

6) This isolation has gone a long way estrange the citizenry of our country against each other.
     This is an important goal in communism.

7) A lot of the factions that engineered or welcomed this so-called 'epidemic' are going to suffer from it.
     Democratic politicians are seeing backlash at the polling place.
     COVID was a crash course in home schooling, and employers are learning how many employees can work remotely,
     so we may see severe reductions in student populations in school this fall.
     Gates is being exposed for who he is.
     And the press is taking yet another beating when people learn thhey are reading scripts written by others,
     instead of fact accumulated by investigation.

8) I suspect this lockdown will produce many new babies. Many Democrats will abort theirs. 
     Most Republicans will keep their beloved new ones.
     This will create another Republican voter-surge in 18 years, in 2038/2040.

 9) A Linclon Park, New Jersy drive crashed a car due to oxygen deprivation from wearing an N-95 mask. (about 7-21,2020)
     I think the driver should be ticketed for impaired driving, but the police say:
     Still, “We are not trying to cause public alarm or suggest wearing an N95 mask is unsafe,” the department added.