George Floyd

George Floyd’s death is a tragedy, whether it proves to be an act of intentional violence,
or if the police officers involved were rigidly following a detainment procedure that proved deadly to someone with an existing condition. 

I acknowledge I cannot completely understand how it feels to be a black person in this day and age. 
Even so, this is also my America and I will present my perspective for your consideration. 
I do know things have been worse for African Americans as a whole. 
I was lumberjacking in the deep south in the winter of ’74-’75 and helped cut down a tree that was called ‘the hanging tree’ by locals; a big beech tree that reputedly was the final mortal destination, where several ‘uppity’ black men met their end. So I know times are better for most Blacks that they used to be. 

As of press time, about midnight, May 29, two other people had been killed in the Floyd Protests. So protests have already killed more people than the Minneapolis police did that day. But first, a bit I’ve gleaned about George Floyd from the internet: 

George Floyd was born 1960 in North Carolina but grew up in Texas. 
He recently moved to Minneapolis, where was trying to hit the reset button on his life. 
He had done hard time in Texas for a home invasion robbery, then moved to MNPLS. 
He has two daughters in Texas. 
Floyd was working two jobs in Minneapolis, then lost them due to the Minnesota Governor’s stay-at home order. 
This arrest incident arose from the claim that he tried to pass counterfeit money, (perhaps to buy food). 
(The Tribune’s heading is written in a way that one might think he lost his job in Texas due to COVID, then moved to MNPLS. This is not correct.) 

So, how many of the window-breakers and looters in Minneapolis knew anything about George Floyd before they started doing whatever they did? 
Did they know he had two daughters? 
Did they know the Chinese took his jobs away from him? 
Or were they just angry people waiting for an opportunity to express an unrelated anger or an unresolved sense of guilt? 

Let me give you a perspective to support my claim that otherwise disinterested parties are using the George Floyd tragedy for their own purposes, and actually undercutting the potential good that could come from his death. Some of these come via internet info: 

1) It appears that pallets of brick were imported and strategically placed in several cities like Dallas, with a ‘trainer’ showing protesters where to find them. 
There are claims that Antifa personnel are capitalizing on Floyd’s death to resume anti-America violence. 

2) In my nearest large city of Omaha, NE, 21 people were arrested EARLY Sunday morning, May 31, 2020. 
Arrested Whites outnumbered Blacks and Hispanics combined. 

3) And demonstrations  were organized in the parts of Omaha with the most loot to grab, not in the poorer parts of town.

4) In one city, there was a person seen wearing wireless coommunication devices, perhaps to direct human traffic on the protester side of the fence. 
I suspect that antifa-like white agitatotrs (either home-town or bussed in), plan the protest in areas of town that would attract looters, 
who would feel justified to loot under the guise of the Floyd tragedy. 
The organizers are simply using the merchandise of local shop owners to pay lookers to attend the protests.
That certainly sounds lke something Democrats would do.

5) There are quite a few white females among the protesters. I consider abortion to be at least a great a sin as a police officer unnecessarily killing any citizen of any color. To kill one’s own flesh and blood disqualifies anyone from protesting someone else’s actions. 
In Matthew 7:5, Jesus said “… You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

6) Tied to #6, we need to understand that abortion guilt draws people to this sort of thing, a subconscious attempt to purge the guilt they hopefully feel. 
So, …try this: 

7) Look at the loss to physical property. Does this represent the Black Community, 
or is it an attempt to steer the Blexit Community back to the Democratic Party, which means, they are using Floyd’s death as a repatriation ritual for Blexit Blacks? We see Representatives Omar’s daughter pushing the protests, as well as the daughter of the Minnesota Governor.

8) Are the Floyd Protests, Nancy Pelosi's way of getting bailout money to large Democratic cities that are being ruined by the Wu-flu lockdown?

9) As hard as this may be to hear, some people attend protests for the same reason they used to attend public hangings; for the spectacle of the event. 
This is sort of thing draws a lot of young people looking for a way to vent their adrenalin. 

10) A George Floyd Protest is a way to get out with other people after being on lockdown for so long. 

 Since the George Floyd Protests are supposed to be about Black anger, go to Twitter and search ‘white girls’. 
See the black girls on Twitter expressing their anger toward white girls attracted to black men, yet have gone silent over George Floyd. 
Then try this article: 

Lastly, I would suggest, just as a trial, that blacks stay home from one planned protest, just to sort things out, so both blacks and whites can see who the players in the drama really are.