Pedophilia #2

Since I write about social issues, I have to say something about pedophilia. It is mandatory for the times we live in. 

Pedophilia can have several points of definition, legal, moral, medical, social, etc. all with the underlying notion that pedophilia implies one person taking advantage of another person of a vulnerable age group, which in the case of sexual penetration, creates physical or emotional damage to the child, or a pregnancy where the child-parent simply cannot be a competent parent to the created child. 

And we must make a distinction between mental illness and simple evil. While one can be both mentally ill and evil at the same time, some acts require evil to commit. We should not try to label evil as a mental illness, much less as a socially-acceptable behavior. 

From a legal point of view on child molestation, let’s look at the legal age to marry in US states, listed here: 

California and Mississippi have no minimum age for marriage with parental consent. 
Mississippi at least, has a minimum age to marry without consent; 17 for males, 15 for females. 
New Hampshire minimum age with parental consent: 14 for males, 13 for females. 
Massachusetts minimum age with parental consent: 14 for males, 12 for females. 

Kansas used to be 13 for females. In 2005, there was a case where a 22 year-old Nebraska man married a 13 year-old Kansas girl, brought her back to Nebraska, got her pregnant and was arrested for rape, though they were married. 
Why did states allow such young girls to be married? 
Well, life expectancy in 1787 America was 37 years. 

Let me say I believe that the legal definition for child molestation should be the same as the legal age to marry without consent.