Pedophilia #3

The APA. The American Psychiatric Association and Pedophilia. 

The APA is an association of professional psychiatrists that have inserted themselves into many sectors of American life. 
They present themselves as being able to give accurate perspectives of mental health.

This is important to victims of pedophilia because, governments, on many levels, have abdicated responsibility for mental health oversight of its citizens to the APA, allowing the APA in many cases to be the final arbiter of what mental fitness is, and what it is not. 

The APA infrequently publishes a DSM, ‘Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’, to use as a guide to rate mental fitness. 
How do they determine who is or is not mentally fit or mentally ill? 
Accredited psychiatrists that belong to the organization vote on it. That’s it. They vote. 

If a group of mentally ill people want to have their mental illness removed from the DSM, they just need to become psychiatrists, join the APA and vote. 
And one can be mentally ill and get a degree in nearly anything. Look at the Unabomber. 

My point being, I’m sure that this same spirit that had homosexuality removed from the DSM years ago as a mental illness, is now aiming to do the same with pedophilia, and our nation's children are at risk. For if pedophilia becomes normalized, its victims will multiply exponentially.

I would disagree with the notion that the APA and its product, the DSM, are accurate, benevolent members of our society, for several reasons. They don’t acknowledge the presence and activity of evil. 
All psychologists that have died are still in the grave or their ashes are scattered somewhere. Jesus, who rose from the dead, spoke about some people being intentionally evil and others being demon-possessed (even children). 

Modern psychiatry ignores this portion of the human experience, trying to make themselves the smartest, most important beings in the universe. 
This marks them for automatic failure. And this is what scares me for the children. 
If there is no source of intrinsic evil, people just follow different paths through life and their urges must then be natural and wholesome. 
And pedophilia is an urge for certain people. But it is an evil urge, and must always be seen as such.

Like so many other organizations, the American Psychiatric Association needs to be scrutinized, and limited in its influence.