Children don’t always get along with their stepparents. This is true, no matter the age of the children, 3 or 53. 

It seems to be worse with stepmothers, for I have seen this conflict repeatedly among relative and acquaintances. 

It goes like this: Man, with children, attracted to woman, with children. They marry, and may have children together; his, hers, theirs. 

The wife resents his first-children. Wife expects husband to cast away his first-children to support her and her children; 
she expects husband to love her children and their children more than he loves his first-children. That's wrong.

I saw one crime show where such a wife was murdered by her husband, partly because he sent some money to one of his first adult children to help them out. 
She found out and was furious, and he was tired of her anger. They owned an abortion practice, so he knew how to kill. Boom. 

I personally know several stepmothers and many of them do it wrong, to the point of being mean.  
This is why the background of this article is a light green. It is the color of the wicked wick from ‘Wizard of Oz’. 

I believe, a man’s first children are entitled to more of his heart than his second wife. 
And nearly every child wishes the bio-parents were still happily married to each other. 
This is why God says he hates divorce.