Lonely Hearts

In another article in this site, I stated I believe some women are proabortion because they are romantically-challenged, and think they need abortion to stay marketable to men. Today, 4/14/19, it struck me while in church, that abortion is also tied to the immigration debates, apart from Democrats trying to buy votes from illegal immigrants. 

There were some words spoken during the church service about being loved, and it made me think of these women. 
How many lonely Democrat females have a personal stake in immigration? 
How many of them think that if enough men immigrate, one of them will want her, and she can have a man, maybe even fulltime? 

Think I’m crazy? I’m sure I’m not. There have always been plain, lonely women in the world. 
Look at our own American history, during the wild west and the gold rushes, where the plainest of women secured enthusiastic husbands 
because of the shortage of women in places where a hard, rustic life was a way of life. 
They traveled to the men and the men wanted them. 
But now, women want to stay put and have the men come to them. 

Supply and Demand: Sex outside of marriage creates an un-ending supply of available women. 
The ball pockets on a roulette wheel are like America's women; many ball pockets are available for each ball. 
At the same time, sex without marriage vaporizes, yes, vaporizes the number of men wanting to be husbands, again verifying the roulette comparison. 
In a country where men are unwilling to commit to marriage, women essentially live in a country without men. 
So by supporting immigration, some women are simply importing husband material. 

This imbalance could be fixed with sexual abstinence until marriage. Women have the power to create marriage-eager men, if they work together.
The article below talks about nations where men outnumber women. Not surprisingly, many of those countries allow massive immigration. 
And the countries allowing the most unrestricted immigration are countries that had suffered the most lack of useful men, due to war, alcoholism and dangerous lifestyles. 

Eric J. Rose