The Link

There is a link between abortion and the Wall. 

First, we have Democrats who seek election to become powerful and wealthy. 
To be elected as a Democrat, one must offer Democratic voters what they want. 

Second, there is a segment of the Democratic Party that believes in the right to kill their own children. 

Third, pro-abortion Democrats have opponents. Democrats thought their ability to abort was sure until Donald Trump was elected. 
His election brought fear to abortionists, and they tried to overthrow him with the Russian Collusion Hoax. 

Fourth, Democrats want to win 2020, and are trying to load the southwest with Latino Catholics they think will vote for pro-abortion Catholics candidates. 
They think immigrant Latino Catholics will disgrace Christ and sell their souls for US citizenship. Some will.
So, the wall is a part of the abortion debate. 

This is why people like Pelosi and Schiff don’t care if their own state’s citizens die at the hands of illegal immigrants. 
The leaders want to stay in office to keep making their millions and will support abortion as part of the cost of building their personal wealth. 
The Democratic Party is a killing machine. 

As a born-again Christian, I wonder why God allows people like Pelosi, Cuomo, Northam to do the damage they do/did. 
Why doesn’t God just kill them in their sleep so fewer innocent people die? 
Or kill them in church like he did Annanias and Saphira, in the 5th chapter of Acts in the New Testament?
But that is Fis decision, not mine.

Eric J. Rose