the 15/19 Blues

Effective 1870, the 15th Amendment gave US men of any color or any former station in life, the right to vote and to serve in public office. 
In 1870, Mississippi sent Hiram Revel, a black man, to serve in the US Senate to represent the interests of the State of Mississippi. 
This is when US senators were appointed, not elected. This senate seat was once held by Jefferson Davis.
The appointment of a black man to the US Senate made a lot of white women unhappy. 

While many talk about Jim Crow, ‘Jane Crow’ also exists in America. 
When the 15th Amendment passed after the Civil War, white women became politically inferior, therefore socially inferior, to black men. 
The 15th Amendment also formally announced white women's political and social equality to black women. Unthinkable in 1870.

The 15th Amendment was a major driver in the Suffrage Movement.

The 15th Amendment and the 19th Amendment cost white men a lot. 
People need to recognize this, and quit imagining enemies that they don’t exist. 
White men gave up a lot when they ratified these two amendments, because these  two amendments publicly declared that black men, 
white women and black women are politically and humanly equal to white men. 
The 15th & 19 Amendments turned white men into a political minority. 
Don’t call us white men indifferent to the principles of fairness. 
We gave away much of our white priviledge and still we are hated.

I wonder… Would black men have received the right to vote if white women had gained suffrage before the end of the Civil War? 
I wonder. 

Now, The election of black Barak Obama and then the rejection of female Hillary Clinton for the Oval Office has brought these sentiments back to the surface. 
This supposed hatred of President Donald J. Trump is not just about him. 
It is a remastered replay of the 15th Amendment Blues that our country saw after the Civil War. 
In post-2016, many white women are angry that a black man got into the white house, and a white woman couldn’t. 
White women are now basing their value as humans on getting a female in the Oval Office. 
But these white women need to recognize that the 2016 election was not the wholesale rejection of a woman as POTUS; 
it was a matter of preferring who DJT is, over who HRC is.

It is also the mathematical result of aborting 43 years of unborn Democrats 

 The 15/19 Blues. A very real thing. For many women, a very racist thing. 

Eric J. Rose