Here are a few points I want to press about abortion: 

Some women see themselves as victims if they can’t have abortions. 
They don’t want to raise a child alone, but they can’t imagine being able to land even a part-time boyfriend without sex. 
Before I became a Christian, I tried to fornicate a lot of girls. Some I considered marriable, some not. 
I had a condom break, a pregnancy scare and a couple of awkward breakups because I was willing to screw girls I didn’t want to marry. 
Only after becoming a Christian, did I see marriage as a requirement for sex. 

This, then is the dilemma; a girl uses sex to attract someone that probably wouldn’t ever marry her. 
Either she isn’t pretty enough for him to marry, or he may be hostile to the concept of marriage since it is foreign to his childhood. 
Then he gets horny, drinks a set of beer goggles, gets a girl pregnant, then denies responsibility. 

The Maury Show is full of these ‘Weekday Girls’. 
Weekday girls: Girls decent enough to use for sex during the week, but not good enough to take out on the weekend, 
   much less good enough to take home to meet the family, much less marry. 
So, we cannot completely discuss abortion without discussing women who feel unmarketable without premarital sex, 
and need abortion to keep the boyfriend she used sex to get. 

Unborn Babies 

Unborn babies are as important and valuable as either of their parents, and every parent has an obligation to be the ‘in-charge’ servant of their minor children. 
Every human zygote-fetus-baby is a human and should be also protected by the ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ clause. 

Equality of the Sexes: 

Consider that when a male gets a female pregnant, she can abort without his permission. 
Or she can keep the child and sue for 18 years of child support. 
In response, there are now men willing to kill the woman carrying their child. 

Is there a difference in the value of a 19 week-old pre-natal female versus a 19 year-old girl to a man who wants neither person in his life? 
Many men don't believe a 19 year-old female has any more value than a 19 week-old fetus-baby.
If men are just going to do this killing anyway, shouldn’t we just legalize it? (God forbid.) 

Just as Hillary Clinton and other lawyer/activists worked on strategies to defend and legalize abortions, I assume there are now lawyer/activists working to defend and legalize the killing of pregnant women who refuse to abort babies the biological fathers don’t want. 
If this is true, we should expect a challenge to the 19th Amendment, which would simplify the process. Pandora’s Box … 

With abortions being legal, some now want to climb up the family tree and kill parents and granparents too. 
There are boys who kill their parents for money and teen girls who kill parents so they can date who they wish. 
And frail grandparents are being considered disposable.
I wonder how many of these kids were raised in pro-choice homes, where human life is negotiable? 
Pandora’s Box. 

Another thing: American females are moving toward post-natal abortion. Infanticide. (I wrote this piece months before NY’s Gov. Cuomo signed the abortion bill.) 
Females with 2 or 3 month-old babies get jealous of their girlfriends being able to go out while they are in ‘mommy-jail’, as I have heard it called. https://www.mlive.com/news/bay-city/index.ssf/2011/01/bay_county_judge_sentences_nic.html 

It’s strange to see pro-abortion women run for office. 
While it’s obvious they can’t be trusted with children, they make a big fuss about what they intend to do for the children of their district. 
Often they put their own children in their ads. Wow. 

Eric J. Rose