When is child a weapon, besides as an underage suicide bomber? 

When a child is used by one parent to hurt the other parent.    I’ve seen it. 
While the offended parent may be accurate about the hurt received, weaponizing a child for revenge is harmful to the child. 
And if you, a reader, were used by one parent, to exact revenge on your other parent, you have a right to process this abuse and draw your own conclusions. 
In fact, if one of your bioparents hates the other bioparent, you have an obligation to sort it out, so you’re not believing any lies about who is the worst parent. 
Unfortunately, this is a part of growing up for too many young people. 

I know of a woman whose child was being cared for by the child’s g-grandmother because the young mother is incompetent and uncaring. 
The boy grew to love his g-grandmother more that he loved his own mother. This made the young mother jealous. 
Then the child acted-out, hitting and kicking the g-grandmother. The g-grandfather held the boy to keep the boy from hurting the g-grandmother. 
So the jealous young mother twisted this event to portray the g-grandfather as abusing the boy, and the g-grandparents are no longer able to see the boy. 

Foster kids 

Kids in foster care cut across all color lines, but again, kids without their biodads at home are the most likely to wind up in foster care, 
commit suicide, take drugs, be molested, drop out of school, go to prison, etc. Just a reminder. 
Also, I occasionally hear accusations that some Human Services Departments bolster their operating income by pulling children out of biohomes unnecessarily, because their department receives funds from the state or federal government for each child they supervise. True or false?

Blood Children 

We cannot do service to children without talking about Blood Children. We know that European leadership has abused children for untold centuries. 
Religious leaders will burn in hell for eternity, along with their secular counterparts for the sexual abuse they practice, if they don’t confess and repent. 
One thing I’ve read, is that children are farmed for their blood, to give older people blood transfusions to aid their health. 
Apparently young blood helps rejuvenate the elderly. 
Even on a voluntary level between consenting adults, this is an ethical quagmire. Imagine involving minors in this process. 

 Border children. 

Kids are being used as pawns in the immigration struggle. Parents give their children to guides to get them in the US, 
only to have the children raped and pimped and used as drug mules. 
Other parents rent out their kids, where they get passed from immigrant to immigrant.

Eric J. Rose