Substance Abusers

Substance abusers walk a trail of broken glass, and they help scatter the shards that cut them. 

Nearly everyone tries foreign substances during their lifetime to see if it makes them feel better. Chocolate and coffee helps me. 
As we become adults, we are influenced to try harder stuff. Being very drunk is no fun, for a deep hangover is a death without a funeral. 
And some drugs, I’m told, can make people instant slaves. Even so, I still believe there is a free-will factor in play. 
Drugs can make people feel better than normal life lets them, and some people think they deserve to feel good. 

In a normal life, our brains give us chemicals like serotonin, endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin (SEDOs). 
We crave them and need them for mental health. Some children don’t get much SEDOs. 
A big part of the ‘ingestion experiment’ is looking for mental happiness. 
My perspective on drug use then, hinges on brain chemistry, free will and one’s belief system. 

The 2016 election is a good example. 
So many Democrats expected HRC to win, which they felt would make complete social equality closer to a reality; Obama, then Clinton. 
Through most of 2016, Dems were swimming in SEDOs and expected to bathe their brains in those chemicals for eight more years. 
Then came November 2016, and Donald J. Trump became everyone’s President. 
The SEDO production of Democrats tanked like the production of legal alcohol during Prohibition. 
Democrat SEDO levels haven’t recovered, and won’t recover until they get their way, or change their minds about their Trump. 
TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is very real.

At some point, anti-Trumpers either need to rethink their position to regain their brain chemical balance, or go completely off the deep end. 
Some have gone off the deep end, and need medical or judicial intervention, given the death threats and death-wishes directed toward President Trump.
Read my article 'the 15/19 Blues on this website, under 'Minorities'.

Back to drug users. 

I absolutely agree that some people are more susceptible to drugs than other people are. What makes the difference? 
I think SEDO levels dictate one’s susceptibility to drugs, which is based largely on each personal belief system. 
Those who believe in a loving, yet justice-seeking God, are less likely to be attracted to drug use.
Those who have loving bio-parents who are committed to each other, are less likely to be drug users.
People who see the word as safe are less likely to use drugs.

One hazard of using drugs, is that drugs can make us feel better than ordinary life does. 
We should only feel as good about ourselves as our personal character allows us to. 

I've known a few drug users. Most of them want to be spectacular successes, but without living useful lives. 
Many of them are very angry, even when straight. I suspect that they self-medicate to get out from under their anger, or to avoid harming someone.
Lasting success means servitutude to others in some form or fashion. Real adults serve others, and derive a sense of satisfaction from it.
This is a harsh reality that needs to be faced for them to leave drugs behind.

Opioids &Chronic Pain:  The other side of the drug crisis

When is a reliance on opioids not wrong? This is a short bit, but hopefully worth reading. 
Pain is the one of the greatest terrors a human can know this side of death’s door. ‏
Here is a twitter to consider: @Richard_Lowes (1-17-19) Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the BIGGEST risk factor for sufferers of #ChronicPain ISN’T addiction to #OPIOIDS, it’s #SUICIDE Let’s keep it in perspective #CRPS #RSD #Fibromyalgia #MECFS #spoonie #opioid #opioidcrisis #opioidhysteria 

The terror of the prospect of unending, intolerable pain apparently drives some people to suicide. 
This factor cannot be ignored in the opioid discussion.  

Eric J. Rose