This picture is the aftermath of a climate change protest in Hyde Park.

.Alternate Energy 

Which types of energy we should be using, and what about ‘green deadlines’?
Do I believe we will ever be free of fossil fuels? Yes, when they run out, if Jesus doesn’t come back first. 

As a tradesman, I took a couple of college courses on Stationary Engineering, which is the generation of steam energy using various fuels, and visited both antique and modern power-generation facilities. I also wrote a kid’s book about water and water use in the US, partly discussing old-fashioned water mills and the like.* 
I have owned land in the middle of a chain of wind generators in SW Iowa and gained some knowledge through osmosis. I have certification to handle Freon and was certified to install geothermal lines. I have also done some basic repairs of solar heat systems, so I have a rudimentary knowledge of power generation. 

While we can use alternate energy in many ways, I don’t see us being completely free of fossil fuels, chiefly because most green energy is intermittent, and a ban of fossil fuels would literally throw us back into the Dark Ages, both mechanically and socially. Even so, power research must always be important. We cannot be a leader in space for example, without solar power, for space stations are mostly solar-powered. 

 Global Warming

Is global warming a real thing? I don’t have free access to enough accurate, complete data to say. 
Some say that the global warming fuss is a guise to put nations along the same course that will eventually lead to a one-world government. 
Some feel that if they can unite the world on a self-serving issue, they will be easier to lead into a one-world government-dictatorship. Perhaps. 
I’m leery of claims that scientists make, because there are often arguments between scientists, and both sides have their own motives to  manipulate the numbers to advance their cause. 
My best example of this is in a murder trial, both the prosecution and the defense have trained blood spatter experts that have different opinions about the same evidence. If they can't agree, how can I know the truth? Science, 

Marijuana and Schizophrenia 

Since a lot of green-energy advocates also smoke pot, I include this piece here. 
A publication of Hillsdale College, ‘Imprimis’, January 2019, Volume 48, Number 1, by Alex Berenson, focuses on the relationship between marijuana and schizophrenia. Apparently these items travel as a couple. 
Wherever schizophrenia is seen in containment of the criminally insane, you will see histories of marijuana use. 
Read the piece. Don’t take my word for it. I’m a landlord and therefore will always be prejudiced against marijuana.

Finally, people talk about humanely-sourced diamonds and coffee. What about humanely-sourced marijuana, cocaine, etc., where no one dies in the production and delivery of recreational drugs? No such thing.
Eco-words are often empty words, when so many eco-enthusiasts are drug users and are willing to let so many poor people be killed to supply their happy-drugs. Read the article about ‘Murder Mountain’, where hundreds of people go missing each year, apparently involved in the drug trade.

Humanely-sourced Sex

And what about selfish sex that kills unborn babies?
So many young people reseach the habits of their people that grow their coffee beans, 
carrying a cup of humanely-sourced coffee while marching in support of Planned Parenthood.

Eric J. Rose
*this book is as of yet unpublished.