Sanctity of Life

The Unborn. 

One reason liberal women are so excitable now, is because abortion has been legal for decades. 
Once a woman has the legal right to kill her own children, she can’t imagine why anything else might be denied to her. 
And there are male supporters of abortion for two reasons; pink-hat males who obey women in exchange for sex, 
and men who don’t want to feed the kids they create. 

Parricide. Using the European Union as an example, we can see that part of the push behind socialized medicine is to introduce elimination of the the elderly, 
   so middle-aged people don’t have to take care of their elderly parents. 
The government doctors will kill them as needed, eliminating a moral dilemma for these adult children of the elderly. 
While it is socially acceptable to have an abortion, we’re not supposed to kill our useless, inconvenient parents. 
Let government doctors do that. 

FGM. To eliminate a girl’s future opportunity to choose sexual pleasure, or should I say, remove her opportunity to experience a voluntary sexual release, 
    is horrible abuse. How is FGM not an act of irresolvable slavery to one's own body? 
A wife is like a violin. She can make beautiful music when properly played. 
But a  violin without strings is just a box; incapable of sound unless you hit it. 
A wife without a clitoris is like a violin without strings. 

The world would be a much safer place if current female Islamic activists each still had her own clitoris and a had a husband that knew how to use it.
Everyone would be far happier, including those husbands, who would then have the right to feel like a complete man. 
And so-called feminists who will look the other way for Muslims, in exchange for votes that will put a someone in office that wll help them kill their own babies? 
They should be ashamed to call themselves women, much less feminists.

Chemical castration. Men-hating women are now facilitating the transition of boys to girls. Vile. 

Lance Armstrong had his medals taken away because of chemical use. 
Yet if a male (steeped in testosterone, a type of steroid) desperate to win at something, engages in female sports, that’s OK? 
And what if a female athlete were caught taking testosterone to compete with biological males in a women’s Olympic event? 
Would she be disqualified for that? What say ye, Olympic judges? 

Eric J. Rose