Veteran Suicide. 

20+ veterans commit suicide each day? 
I’ve read that fatherless children are the most likely to commit suicide. Is there a correlation here with veteran suicide? 

Give us a set of numbers to compare:
*The percent of youth suicide that were biofatherless (this includes adopted kids). 
*The percent of our assigned combat troops that are biofatherless. 
*The percent of veteran suicides that were biofatherless as children
*The percent of combat-related suicides that were biofatherless. 
*The percent of adult civilian suicides that were biofatherless. 

Until someone proves childhood-biofatherlessness is not a factor in veteran suicide, I will believe it is. 
Numbers matter. 

The number of children aborted in a year affects the voter turnout 18 years later. 
If most aborted babies are from Democrats, then Hillary lost 2016 by abortion. And they are angry at Trump? 
So, given New York’s new abortion law of 2019, will New York elect a Republican Mayor in 30 years? 
Numbers matter. 


Today's socialist movement is using the 99% slogan. While Jesus would agree with certain points of the movement, the socialist movement is misusing the number 99. Look at the shelves in Venezuelan grocery stores. They are 99% empty. Which means their socialist stomachs are 99% empty. Any discussion there?
Numbers matter

I read on Twitter that Nancy Pelosi’s cancelled flight during the 2018 shutdown included 7 Democrats and 86 family members. 
I also read that Al Sharpton sold his autobiography to his own foundation (supported by donations?) for $500K. 
And Maxine Waters paid her daughter $750K for campaign work? 
And did AOC’s campaign really lose track of $1M? 
Is Rep. Omar being investigated for 8 years of false tax returns?
If true, aren’t all these transactions just forms of money laundering or other fraud? 
Numbers matter. 

How many deaths are associated with the Clintons?
Numbers matter. 

2% of 13% of the US population commits 50% of murders in the US. 
Again, the killers likely grew up without their biodads. 
I suspect their fathers’ unwillingness to marry was partly caused by their own fatherlessness. 
Every married man has a kingdom. Every sexually-active single man is an errant knight. 
Numbers matter. 

How many members of Congress personally subscribe to Obamacare for their insurance needs? 
Numbers matter. 

Extra ballots can be filled out only if they are available. 
Perhaps each voting district should be allotted a certain number of ballots  according to past usage. 
Some suggest ballots have serial numbers. 
Perhaps each voting district should have a National Guard Quartermaster in charge of dispensing ballots to the local election commissioner 
on an ‘as-needed’ basis, who would need to give proof of the need when making the request. 
Numbers matter. 

There are many organizations that claim to exist to help others, while many are just there to fleece contributors. 
These ‘foundations’ should have to submit to the same labeling and ingredient laws as food does. 
They should have to print on their label or website what percentage of $$$ collected the previous year actually went to help people, 
what went for salaries, property & equipment, and lobbying, etc. 
Numbers matter. 

Compare the number of murders committed by NRA members, compared to the number of patients are intentionally murdered by their licensed or certified medical caregivers, using tightly-controlled licensing and medical inventory procedures. 
Numbers matter. 

Eric J. Rose