Voting Stuff


At one time, it may have been possible to vote Democratic and still be loyal to the Sacred Heart of Christ.
That is not possible in today's pro-abortion Democratic Party.

Voter ID. 

When I voted in the 2018 Primary, I jokingly offered my photo ID as proof of my identity and location. I was declined. 
But as it turns out, there were 17 men named Eric Rose in their voter registry, so they had to check my ID to verify my address. 
This is the way it should be. But there probably weren’t that many men named Eric Rose still living in the area. 

Voter registrations need to be purged at least every 4 years, if not after every general election:
 *Driver’s licenses have to be renewed every 4-5 years. 
 *Car plates have to be renewed every year. 
 *Hunting and fishing licenses have to be renewed every year. 
 *Sanctuary cities require pet licenses to be renewed every year. 

This is not rocket surgery. We know how to do this. 
Stacey Adams, were she elected Governor of Georgia, could not keep the state afloat without the revenue of yearly renewals.

County Voter Registration.

Perhaps individual counties could require Voter ID for county candidates and local issues and bonds, which would then qualify the entire ballot. 

It’s November 7, 2018. 

My birth-state of Iowa just flipped two seats from red to blue. I attribute to loss partly to large-scale farming, which depopulates rural areas. 
Compare the community support that farmers need with 320 acre farms versus 1280 acre farms. 
Four-320 acre farms require more houses, wells, septic tanks, tractor mechanics, grocery stores, teachers, etc. than one-1280 acre farm. 
Large farms can neuter the Republican Party in farming states, because farmers who want larger and larger farms are making themselves extinct as a voter-group. Plus, shrinking rural communities might become centers of melancholy and begin voting Democratic. 
And I wonder, When rural areas shrink in population, can voting district lines can be redrawn, changing the balance of power?  

I wonder...

if it’s time for the FBI Director and the US Attorney General to be elected, not appointed. 


Twitter: “Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11. Why Democrats need illegals: For every 770,000 illegals who filled out the 2010 census in a leftist state, the Democrats got another vote in the electoral college. Foreign nationals should NOT be counted in the census. It rewards law-breaking and gives Democrats a upper hand!” This is why the 2020 census should identify every foreigner in our country. 

What if Electoral College votes were dispensed on election day, based on votes, not population? 
For every 770K votes cast in a state, with proper ID, that state would get 1 Electoral College vote.
That, plus the normal 2-per-state Electoral College votes. This would make elections very interesting. 
If a state of 10,000,000 people, cast only 770,000 votes, they would only receive 3 Electoral College votes. 
Why should my vote have to compete with inactive humans that waste oxygen and don’t participate in our government? 

The US Constitution

After the election of Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib and Omar, I am convinced there should be a law requiring candidates for elected office to hand-copy the US Constitution and its Amendments to file for election. Then we would know that the candidates have at least had a brush with the US Constitution.

16 year-olds voting. 

As I understand, voting is a form of a legal contract available only for legal adults, which goes hand-in-hand with other legal rights, such as: 
 * Getting married without parental consent. 
 * Leaving or being pushed out of foster care. 
 * Joining the military and being eligible for the draft. 
 * The legal right to enter into financial contracts, and without parental permission. 
 * Being eligible for jury duty. 
 * Owning a gun, or being licensed to carry same.
 * Becoming a licensed pesticide applicator. 
 * Becoming legally responsible for one’s choices and eligible for adult-level charges in judicial matters. 
    (Statutory Rape and age-of-consent ages would lowered, for offenders and for victims.) 
 * Being legally pushed out of the parents’ home at 16. When a child becomes a legal adult, 
    both children and parents are legally emancipated from this social contract called 'family'. 

And what if these young voters, who Pelosi thinks will vote for more immigration, find themselves out on the street and jobless at age 16, 
unable to compete in the job market against 20-50 year-old immigrants? How will they vote then?

Eric J. Rose