Shrunken Heads 

This is a National Geographic YouTube video about shrunken heads, a business of the macabre sort.

The Victorian culture was fascinated with shrunken heads, discovered during explorations of the South American Amazon Basin. 

Original shrunken heads were male. 
They were warriors, and shrinking their heads were believed to prevent them from coming back from the dead and causing problems. 

Recent DNA technology uncovered the fact that once ceremonial shrunken heads became popular with whites, indigenous people went commercial, killing civilians, including females, to provide the raw materials to make shrunken heads. 
They processed the heads of children as young as 6 years. Apparently they also began robbing graves to meet the demand. 
Ironically, DNA showed that some Europeans were also victimized by this practice. 

When the narrator said: “Head hunters broke the final taboo; they began killing children.” 
It made me think of Planned Parenthood. 
I just read that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam received $2 or 3 million from Planned Parenthood?

Eric J. Rose