Pharma Targeting

I’ve read that there may be something afoot in the medical world; 
pharmaceutical companies may be telling doctors what types of readings patients should have on tests. 

For many patients, these goals are unreachable without medication. So, then, medicine is the only logical recourse. 
If this is true, then pharmaceutical companies are creating customers by manipulating the standards for what defines a healthy person. 
I have experienced the increasing of the types and doses and types of medicine I supposedly need, to meet new reading targets.

This can be a real cash cow with Medicare/Medicaid.


This brings another topic; professional associations that use their power as consultive experts, 
not to improve society, but to make themselves more powerful and wealthy. 
And to advance a hidden agenda.
Congress needs to explore each association, AMA, APA, ABA, ACOG, etc. to see what they actually contribute to American life, 
because they are regularly used by government bodies and agencies to formulate national policy.