After Trump's victory in 2016, there are a lot of unreligious people who want to flood the US with immigrants that they believe will vote Democrat and help them gain the political power to kill even more unborn babies. And then, when we block mass immigration, they say we are inhumane and unChristian to these poor people who only want to come to America for a better life. 

Should we:
let non-citizens in, so unborn citizens can be killed? 
let non-citizens in, so our own Am-minorities continued to stew about in the bottom of the barrel? 
let non-citizens in, so our females can be sexually abused? 
let non-citizens in, so our laws can be destroyed and violence increase?

There is no argument that can make me feel guilty about strict immigration controls.
It is a religious duty to protect one's family. 
There are many way to help others without allowing the wholesale invasion of our nation.

Eric J. Rose